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Háteigsskóli (in English)

Háteigsskóli is a compulsory school without differentiation and is for six to sixteen year old children, mostly for the children in the neighborhood but children from all over Reykjavik can attend if their parents wish.

At this moment we have 442 children and 41 teachers but the staff is altogether 62.

The school has its roots in teacher training from the year 1908.

In 1968 the school was housed in the present building and started as a neighborhood school as well as a teacher training school. It had that focus until 1998.

Today Háteigsskóli is a neighborhood school but still with some teachers connected to the educational division of The University of Iceland.

The school motto is

respect - cooperation - happiness

The aims of the school are that

  • education should encourage initiative, imagination and the courage to perform
  • education should be carried out in a warm and creative environment where everyone is shown respect as an individual
  • everyone should receive a suitable education and be able to draw on their talents
  • every teacher should consider all the students as their own
  • self confidence should be boosted by listening, encouraging and praising.

Quality Management
For the last 18 years we have been developing quality management. We have three major surveys every year and five to six quality groups. The surveys focus on the children's behavior and well being, the parents' view of the school and the working conditions of the staff. The surveys are designed in such a way that we are able to react to the information we get. All the surveys are discussed at appropriate levels and meetings within the school. The results of the parents' views can be read on the schools homepage, i.e. general views, not specific one.

We have 20 classes divided into three major age groups. The first level is for grades 1 - 4, the middle level is for 5 - 7 and the third level is for grades 8 - 10. There is collaboration and teamwork within the levels and there is also some collaboration between the levels. However, we would like to have more collaboration between the levels. At the first two levels there is teamwork within each age group. At the middle level there is also an ongoing experiment to make collaboration between all 3 age-groups a regular part of every week. We already have very successful collaboration between the age groups at the third level, something we are very proud of since it's something we have been developing over the past four years.

Drama is an intricate part of every age group. Drama is a part of the teaching of many subjects as it enhances and deepens knowledge in the subject area. We look at drama as a very important part of every individual's personal development and it helps to prevent bullying. Drama teachers also help the children and teachers to put on plays and at the teenage level we also take part in a yearly competition where the young people create their own play, act and compete with other schools.

Department for immigrants
We have specialized in the education of children of immigrants. About 10 % of the school population are immigrants from Eastern Europe and Asia for the most part and some are from South America. We have been developing this department over the past years but feel we still have a long way to go.

The Staff
The staff is a very enthusiastic and is always trying to do as well as possible.

Any further information can be obtained from
the head teacher:
Arndís Steinþórsdóttir (arndis.steinthorsdottir(at)rvkskolar.is),
the assistant head teacher:
Þórður Óskarsson (thordur.gardar.oskarsson(at)rvkskolar.is) or
the head teacher's representative:
Hulda K. Guðjónsdóttir (hulda.k.gudjonsdottir(at)rvkskolar.is).

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And Comprehensive Services for Children and Youth – Reykjavik City - Department of Education and Youth

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